Vallum for Mac

A lot of apps installed on your Mac are allowed to make unsolicited connections to the Internet or to the local network without your acknowledgement. Vallum is able to identify and block these connections according to your preferences, in a friendly and intuitive way, increasing your privacy and the security of your Mac.

Vallum is designed for being easy and not intrusive in its default configuration. It requires no maintenance or interaction, and does not annoy you with unrequested popup alerts. It’s just a matter of dragging apps icons to create your configuration and then forget it.

For your specific needs Vallum offers a lot of options. The Step by Step Configuration Assistant will guide you through the firewall configuration showing you the most important Vallum features. But Vallum is very flexible and can be configured manually or started choosing from a list of predefined presets.

Firewall attitude can be altered in order to tune its interactivity level. If you want a strict control over you network activities you can activate notification alerts in order to display popup alerts whenever an app tries to connect, and then decide to pass it or block it on the fly. And you can assign specific rules to apps and folders, and issue global network rules to reduce firewall interactivity. Or you can interact with Murus and the macOS PF packet filter to manage connections at both application- and network level.

Vallum is easy and safe. Install it in one mouse click, start it in a few mouse clicks using the Configuration Assistant or predefined presets or build your own one in seconds; restart from scratch in one mouse click, uninstall in one mouse click. Everything is managed from the Vallum menu in macOS menu bar, near the clock.