Managed Folders Rules

These rules are applied to folders. The reason to manage folders is to give a general rules to specific areas of your filesystems. Assigning rules to directories is specially useful to tune firewall interactivity. Managed Folders rules are the least important rules in Vallum, as they are overridden by all other Vallum rules. For example, if a connections matches both a ‘managed app’ rule and a ‘managed folder’ rule, the connection will be passed or blocked according to the ‘managed app’ rule.
Managed folders rule matters: the first match wins. You can reorder Managed Folders rules dragging and dropping them.

Managed Folders root rule

This is a special rule. It can be issued manually or can be part of Vallum predefined strategies or can be set by Vallum configuration assistant. This is basically a Managed Folder rule where you assign a rule to the whole filesystem (/ = root directory) instead of single directory. You will recognize this rule in Managed Folders rules because its icon shows your Mac. This '/' is the root directory, it represents all your Mac's volumes (please note: ALL volumes, not only the boot volume!). This record is very important as it modifies firewall inclusivity/exclusivity or interactivity. In case your ruleset contains more Managed Folders rules the its position is also important. Please refer to the next chapter for more information about rules order and priority.