Mixed-state apps

Mixed-state apps are displayed in Managed Apps view with their original icons and a blu dialog icon. A mixed-state app will trigger a notification alert for each connection that does not match any existing rule. When the app tries to connect Vallum displays a popup alert on center of your active display. Here you have to choose whether to pass or block all app's' connections, all app's connections to a port, all app's connections to an IP address or a network address.

Mixed-state apps may have several rules. To display rules select the app and click the magnifier button, the App Rules view will be displayed. This view shows all blocked and passed IP addresses, networks, ports and port ranges. These rules are permanently stored in your configuration.

Mixed-state apps can be silenced and set as passed or blocked simply selecting an app and clicking the locker. Please note that doing so will discard all rules in the app, and the operation is not reversible.
At the same time, if Vallum notifications alerts are active, you can select a passed/blocked app and set it as mixed-state clicking the magnifier button and then the ‘gear’ button in App Rules view and selecting ‘Enable notifications for this app’. In this case app rules will be empty. You can add rules manually or wait for notification alerts. You can achieve the same results deleting the 'everyone' group from an app's ruleset.

Mixed-state apps are generated manually editing existing apps or answering Vallum notification alerts.
If you answer an alert choosing “Pass this app” or “Block this app”, an already managed mixed-state app will turn green (passed) or red (blocked) accordingly, and will not ask user interaction anymore, as Vallum will silently pass or block all its connections.
If you only pass IP address, port or subnet then you may see other notification alerts in the near future. Some time you can see a *lot* of consecutive notifications for different ip addresses and/or ports. In this case you have the option to “silence” the app for a few seconds or minutes, automatically answering to all notifications alerts. Vallum will automatically generate pass/block rules for that app, and will store them in app's ruleset.
Silenced apps appear with a red or green dialog icon according to the temporary rule. Once silence time has expired, app will trigger notification alerts in case of unknown connections, as usual.