Log apps connections

Vallum offers two kinds of logging:

To enable Vallum apps connections logging open Vallum Preferences -> Logging and check “Enable Logs”.
Each user on the Mac has its own Vallum log file stored in /Users/username/Library/Logs/vallum.log.

To display recent logs select the corresponding button in main Vallum toolbar. The Recent Apps Connections Logs view displays only recent logs. Entries in this view will expire. Open Vallum Preferences -> Logging to set expire time. Double click a log entry to display a popup view with log details and some more option (not available in macOS 10.9)

Logs can also be stored to file. To enable this option open Vallum Preferences -> Logging and check “Log to file”.
Log file is stored in user’s home directory’s library at ~/Library/Logs/vallum.log
Log file can be viewed and searched using macOS Console.app. This can be done directly from Vallum menulet -> Quick Actions -> Open Vallum Logs In Console..