Edit Apps Rules

Each managed app has its own set of rules. To inspect an app’s rules select its icon in Managed Apps view and click the magnifier button to open the App Rules popover view.
This view shows a list of allowed and blocked items.
Items can be:

Addresses can be displayed as plain addresses or hostnames when available. Select the gear button in edit popover view and check/uncheck the option. Hostnames can also be used while adding rules, but please note that Vallum stores only IP addresses, not hostnames. When adding new rules each hostname is resolved and all resulting IP addresses added.

Edit rules

There are different ways to edit apps rules: All these actions has effect on app ruleset.

App rules order

App rules order matters. Rules are evaluated from top to bottom, the first matching rules wins.
However, unlike in other Vallum rules layers, Apps rules cannot be manually reordered.
Every time you add a new rule Vallum takes care of placing each rule in the right place following these scheme:

If a connection matches one or more rules the connection is passed or blocked according to the first matched rule.

Rules can be added answering notification alerts or manually.
Click “+” and “-“ to manually add or remove App rules. Vallum will always take care of checking syntax and illegal overrides.
You can also add the “Everyone” group clicking the 'everyone' button.
Adding and removing items automatically affects app status. For example adding group Everyone to a mixed state app will change its status and disable notifications for that app.
Changes are activated immediately but they don't have effect on already established connections.