macOS Application Firewall

Advanced appfirewall for macOS

Vallum offers a new way to protect your privacy and to increase your Mac’s security. Vallum is based on the new macOS System Extensions API and runs natively on all Apple computers. Vallum is fast, light and easy to use.

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See what’s new:

Inbound filtering and popup alerts for inbound connections

Match connections by hostname or domain

Fully customizable inbound and outbound rulesets

Optimize your rules using groups, apps groups or matching apps by signature type or by developer

Rules conditions based on current network settings like SSID and interface

Powerful rules editor

Improved popup notifications

No kernel extensions, everything runs in userland using app extensions

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Vallum 4.1.3

Vallum 4 requires macOS 11.2 Big Sur or later.
Old Vallum versions for macOS 10 are available here

Vallum 5 beta

Vallum 5 Beta includes the first public beta release of Vallum Endpoint Security. For more information please see here


Simple interface
Drag and drop apps or folders icons from the macOS Finder to Vallum in order to block them. Rules are immediately active, and are persistent across system restarts. Vallum Simulator allows you to test your ruleset very easily.

Inbound and Outbound filtering
Vallum intercepts both inbound and outbound apps connections. It means you will be notified when an app on your Mac will try to connect to the network, and when a remote host is trying to connect to a service running on your Mac.

Powerful rule editor
Vallum rules are defined by several parameters including source, destination, hostname, port, protocol, user ID and many others. Rules can be persistent or set to expire at a specific time or event. Rules can be matched by a single apps/process (by fingerprint or by path) or by more apps based on path, signature, origin, developer. Vallum rules are inspired by pf, the macOS packet filter, they share the same matching logic and a very similar syntax.

Flows Monitor
Vallum Flows Monitor displays all inbound and outbound connections by apps and system processes and allows you to monitor traffic and drop/block connections on the fly

Bandwidth Throttle
Snail is a standalone app used to monitor and throttle apps bandwidth on a per-app basis.
Each Vallum license includes a free Snail license.

Location aware ruleset
Each rule can be set to be effective only when the Mac is connected to or disconnected from a specific WiFi hotspot or if one or more network interfaces are actually active or inactive. So one single ruleset can be used for all network locations. For example, using a single rule you can tell Vallum to always block all inbound connections when you are not connected to your home WiFi hotspot.

Rule by Developer ID
Developer ID is used to identify a macOS developer or company. For example Google, Adobe and all major developers use the same Developer ID for all their apps. With Vallum you can create rules that applies to all apps signed by a specific developer. For example using a single rule you can tell Vallum to always pass all connections by Microsoft apps.

Light and energy-efficient
Vallum and its components make an efficient use of your Mac’s system resources. On Apple Silicon Macs most tasks run on the CPU efficiency cores in order to keep a very low impact on your MacBook battery.

Vallum respects your privacy. None of your personal/system data is collected or leaked. Vallum does not “phone home” and does nothing in order to monitor its usage. Vallum itself is subject to its own rules. When Vallum attempts a connection to check for updates you will see a notification and you will be able to block it.

Easy install/uninstall, free support
Vallum install is very easy: simply copy Vallum app to your Mac’s Application folder then run it. To uninstall Vallum you just need to quit it then trash it. Simple as that.
Free support is available for all Vallum users directly from the developers.

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