• Vallum Release Notes
  • Vallum Release Notes

    Vallum 3.3.2
    Release Date : 15 November 2019

    • Improved compatibility with Murus 2 beta
    • Minor bug fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : c054c419b108f038b844705556d4146f
    SHA256 Hash: ed062cd0c8a268df37db6a71d7e8a15b12d3a3adff9af1ab52d6a4cb42300ce8

    Vallum 3.3.1
    Release Date : 29 August 2019

    • fixed bug that in some cases prevents Vallum from starting correctly on macOS 10.14.5 and later
    • afw kext is now stapled
    • pf helper is compatible with Murus 2 beta
    • bug fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 103af6656a44190171eb7c58d07e62e2
    SHA256 Hash: 2c7cca51ddadcd9cbf1c6228fdb18af8f408c69a86cdf7644d09072a74dccd04

    Vallum 3.3
    Release Date : 6 June 2019

    • Fixed bug that may cause the afw helper to crash
    • Added new privileged helper for pf-related tasks. This helper is shared with the upcoming versions of Scudo and Murus
    • Improved apps bandwidth management
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 9c779455be46e3a9e07fd485d935e45c
    SHA256 Hash: b7a06dd8782e1c1c93be237c1a4e7683317e14bc42fbf6aabbcc5ea2e87eeea2

    Vallum 3.2
    Release Date : 6 May 2019

    How to update:
    To update simply run Vallum 3.2 installer. Your old configuration will be preserved, however please note that your already managed apps will be treated as app bundle, like in Vallum 3.1. You can verify it selecting the apps “Info” tab, and check that “Process Path” and “Bundle Path” are the same. While an old configuration still works perfectly, we suggest you to start from a new configuration or, at least, remove all managed app bundles and re-add them from the Finder.

    • App management paradigm has changed.
    • Previous versions of Vallum managed apps as bundles when possible, all rules where generated based on app’s bundle path. The only exception was the possibility to match a notification by binary path. Vallum 3.2 uses main process absolute path instead of bundle path. Should an app bundle contain more than one binary executable, you are able to assign different rules to those files.
      Additionally, previous Vallum releases where able to identify processes only by their path.
      Vallum 3.2 introduces a new way to identify processes: signature fingerprint.
      Signed apps are identified by the “AFW stamp”, a string representing some parameters read from app’s signature. Each signed app generates a different and unique AFW stamp, which is supposes to remain unchanged across app updates. This fingerprint is used (optionally) in place of absolute path to create firewall rules. This ensures that when you assign a rule to a signed process, rule is valid only for that process. Should the original file be replaced by a fake one using the same name/path, Vallum will not match it, it will be considered as a different process. Please note that AFW stamp is not a hash. While the hash refers to the binary file itself, AFW stamp is generated reading the app signature.
      Each app/process can be matched by path or by signature stamp. Additionally, apps set as “custom” can contain custom rules by path, by stamp or a mix of the two. You are totally free to choose how to match a process, and you can always change it on the fly.
      Notification window also offers a new cleaner interface with a new large popup button where the user can choose how to match the process: absolute path, name or signature.
      Vallum now displays a more detailed app info panel. Now it displays all information included in the signature. Additionally, Vallum performs some checks:
      - Unsigned apps: Vallum warns you when a app/process is not signed
      - Signature validity: Vallum warns you when an app/process has an invalid signature
      - Certificates validity: Vallum validates all certificates used to sign an app.

    • Vallum Apps Monitor
    • Vallum 3.2 introduces an important new feature: network monitor. This window displays currently connected apps, and for each app the list of currently connected IP and ports. From Vallum Monitor it is possible to directly block all connections from an app, or only a single connection to a specific IP or port. Additionally, Vallum Monitor displays the amount of traffic generated by each app or process.
      Even if Vallum Monitor looks like a simple Vallum window, it is an independent app using a dedicated privileged helper. It does not display any icon in the dock or in menu bar. Vallum Monitor automatically quits (and closes its privileged helper tool) when the window is closed. This ensures that all resources and memory used by Vallum Monitor are freed when you don’t need it any more. Vallum Monitor app bundle is inside Vallum.app app bundle, however it can be used even if Vallum is closed, as it does depend on Vallum in any way.
      When opening Vallum Monitor for the first time you may be requested to enter the administrator password. This is because Vallum Monitor needs to install its privileged helper tool vallummonitord. You just need to do it once. Once done, Vallum Monitor will automatically start after a few seconds.

    • Bandwidth throttling
    • Vallum 3.2 allows you to throttle apps bandwidth. Each app can be throttled independently. You can limit upload and/or download bandwidth in a transparent and easy way from Vallum app editor: double click an app icon to display app editor window, select “Bandwidth” tab then check “Limit upload bandwidth” and/or “Limit download bandwidth”, set the speed and that’s it. All changes are immediately active at runtime.

    ZIP file md5 checksum : 11518243acee18cef825b5d5757e2212
    SHA256 Hash: 43b656a2617baa8db7b48c12085bdfb296ba2041caf5013afeec18e38d31a045

    Vallum 3.1
    Release Date : 10 Jan 2019

    • Swift code converted to version 4.2
    • added option to override dark mode settings
    • fixed bugs in rule editor
    • fixed memory leaks
    • changed authorization system, now using default macOS authorization view
    • now it is easier to reorder custom global rules, mouse cursor changes its shape when you drag a rule over an acceptable position
    • fixed bugs in real time logs viewer
    • fixed rule matching bug for “by name” rules assigned to binaries inside app bundles
    • added “Binary match” option to notification window for app bundles; when this option is checked rule will be created using the original binary path/name instead of bundle path/name
    • added popup menu to notification window to copy connection parameters to clipboard
    • improved notification description now includes both IP address and hostname when available
    • Vallum and its components are now notarized using the official Apple notarization service
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 4bbbc7b3a7654d19e3bc2c12b80fe1cf
    SHA256 Hash: c5876d9c955015cd7a548a81c88a8cc09cae13ca0a96739a2995849ffb55294b

    Vallum 3.0.4
    Release Date : 26 Nov 2018

    • minor bugs fixed
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 6a66b9f59167789e26745ac997033a61
    SHA256 Hash: 55147d424ae67931d04a65cd03a1c638e30c232e924a665b6c3c50a0570e30d8

    Vallum 3.0.3
    Release Date : 9 Nov 2018

    • minor bugs fixed
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 2d3e27ea4a0d578e781e7ca4e7336a81
    SHA256 Hash: dfbc0029d1c02d7b848e1f775984eabaab5b4be427db3da03920a59b9cf8548e

    Vallum 3.0.2
    Release Date : 6 Nov 2018

    • notification window displays the original DNS name, not the reversed one
    • fixed bugs in rule editor window
    • fixed XPC bug with Safari 12
    • improved support for dark mode
    • fixed bug in Vallum locking/unlocking
    • improved compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave
    • minor bugs fixed
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 37c2690ec580441d10ea8b35021ccc02
    SHA256 Hash: cc8588fb004282f43e6c819f1bc54c1d9653012a8f07230e09293652e2683216

    Vallum 3.0.1
    Release Date : 22 Jun 2018

    • Minor bugs fixed
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 62f4a7422d2ccec2478cb562657be05b
    SHA256 Hash: f8db57329192d38321a022c27a2e0e957c8cf4a17b3e080a3912a232cd6a5198

    Vallum 3.0
    Release Date : 17 May 2018

    Please see here for more information

    ZIP file md5 checksum : 43aaea3a19f846535feb5265f9ad4115
    SHA256 Hash: 757142e750d13d431e6deeaccfb6ffd67fb4afe46d299cf7e6cd061b3c61857a

    Vallum 2.3.2
    Release Date : 24 Aug 2017

    How to upgrade from Vallum 2.x:
    Backup your current Vallum configuration exporting it or saving as custom preset. Run Vallum 2.3.2 installer. Your Mac will reboot.

    • improved compatibility with macOS 10.13 High Sierra
    • Bugs Fixed
    ZIP file md5 checksum : f20bab0524b686c5650d4aa2c29c70af
    SHA256 Hash: 4a8551d404bf8961e5a56d4541528bd2156c242cc2f364a13570fff55260bad7

    Vallum 2.3.1
    Release Date : 23 June 2017

    How to upgrade from Vallum 2.x:
    Backup your current Vallum configuration exporting it or saving as custom preset. Run Vallum 2.3.1 installer. Your Mac will reboot.

    • Bugs Fixed
    ZIP file md5 checksum : f9c93e36006ef0c5dd4bcfed452c3813

    Vallum 2.3
    Release Date : 15 June 2017

    How to upgrade from Vallum 2.x:
    Backup your current Vallum configuration exporting it or saving as custom preset. Run Vallum 2.3 installer. Your Mac will reboot.

    • Bugs Fixed
    ZIP file md5 checksum : f19d2a0d2e201d1f4abac45c7188d5f2

    Vallum 2.2.1
    Release Date : 28 Mar 2017

    How to upgrade from Vallum 2.x:
    Backup your current Vallum configuration exporting it or saving as custom preset. Run Vallum 2.2.1 installer. Your Mac will reboot.

    • Added option to enable/disable scrolling in logs view
    • Improved overall stability
    ZIP file md5 checksum : bf4e8840635d9b8ae8adcabaa25d66f9

    Vallum 2.2
    Release Date : 7 Mar 2017

    How to upgrade from Vallum 2.x:
    Backup your current Vallum configuration exporting it or saving as custom preset. Run Vallum 2.2 installer. Your Mac will reboot.

    • Bugs fixed
    ZIP file md5 checksum : fe11499b3798b93ddb0c89f716b637de

    Vallum 2.1
    Release Date : 12 Dec 2016

    How to upgrade from Vallum 2.0:
    Backup your current Vallum configuration exporting it or saving as custom preset. Run Vallum 2.1 installer. Your Mac will reboot.

    • Lock/unlock the firewall providing administrator password. Administrators can use Vallum to constrain normal users connectivity
    • Improved apps rules logic, now it is possible to add both blocked and passed records to both inclusive and exclusive apps
    • Added contextual menus for all lists
    • Copy/Paste IP addresses, hostnames and apps rulesets from contextual menus
    • Pass/block apps, ports or IP addresses from logs contextual menu
    • Improved GUI readability and usability
    • Show per-apps logs in apps popover view
    • Fixed Murus interaction bugs
    • Minor bugs fixed
    ZIP file md5 checksum : fb26f9645b4dd5d0bad6516899e13f5c

    Vallum 2.0
    Release Date : 22 Nov 2016

    How to update:
    To upgrade from Vallum 1.3.1 please save your current configuration as custom preset then run Vallum 2.0 installer. If you previously added Vallum 1.3.1 login items to some users (to start Vallum Agent at login) then you have to manually remove them as they are not needed any more. Default colors in Vallum 2.0 are a bit different from Vallum 1.3.1. To improve readability you can open Vallum 2.0 preferences -> Appearance and click "Default colors".

    • improved TCP and UDP filters, now the filter matches all processes and all TCP/UDP connections
    • added a new layer of rules: global network rules
    • simplified notification window
    • step by step configuration assistant
    • improved predefined strategies
    • new GUI now displays all rules in the same window
    • enable/disable the firewall directly from Vallum icon near the macOS clock
    • added support for IPv6 subnets in rules
    • pass/block subnets from notification alerts
    • improved overall stability
    • support for multiple users and fast user switching
    • dropped support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks
    • trial policy has changed, now all features are available in trial mode. The only trial limitation is a popup reminder every 4 hours.
    • minor improvements such as confirmation dialogs, sort apps alphabetically, and such
    • notification alerts appear always in the center of active screen.
    • optional set of icons for increased readability or color blind users
    • dark theme
    • bug fixes
    • improved documentation
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 56199a249dc9b34677c91519342ac59d

    Vallum 1.3.1
    Release Date : 12 Oct 2016

    How to update:
    Before updating to Vallum 1.3.1 please backup your configuration saving it as custom preset. You will be able to restore it once Vallum 1.3.1 is installed.

    • improved stability when using two or more monitors
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 5d8098913e014505b7adf98170845539

    Vallum 1.3
    Release Date : 10 Oct 2016

    • Vallum code ported to Swift 3
    • improved interface now uses modal panels and progress indicators
    • simplified registration process
    • app view displays a question mark when a managed app is missing
    • added option to hide popup message when automatically switching preset
    • added option to hide splash screen at Vallum startup
    • added option to enable app's signature verification in apps view (disabled by default)
    • signature verification speed improved, bundle resources are ignored
    • changed Vallum configuration location, now in /etc
    • changed Vallum configuration file format to binary however old text based xml file can be used. It is also possible to export text based configurations keeping the ALT/OPTION key pressed while Vallum Tools menu is open.
    • notification alerts 'silence' button is always unchecked in new alerts
    • bug fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : f9078af07f6171992b61b99ca050a82e

    Vallum 1.2
    Release Date : 8 Sep 2016

    • App signature information is back like in Vallum 1.0 and early 1.1 betas. Each app displays an icon to inform whether the app is signed or not.
    • Logging kernel extension removed. Now the Vallum core relies on a single network kernel extension which takes care of both filtering and logging.
    • Logs window now displays if a connection is passed or blocked. Blocked connections are red.
    • Fixed permissions, now Vallum can be used by non-admin users on Sierra.
    • Logs window now displays the responsible app for an XPC service connection ("via" connections).
    • Added automatic XPC services management.
    • Exclusions behavior has changed. Now apps that match an exclusions are not displayed in main apps view. Managed apps do override exclusions.
    • Vallum user guide is now online and available in-app as well.
    • Improved GUI with new buttons to add/remove exclusions and view log file.
    • Added confirmation dialogs.
    • Log apps connections to file.
    • Log file rotation.
    • Improved custom presets management.
    • Bug fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 9b6772aa8efb8f59d27d04fa9522c22d

    Vallum 1.1
    Release Date : 27 June 2016

    • added option to pass/block port from notification popup alert.
    • added two new app statuses: inclusive and exclusive apps.
    • apps records can now be edited in app popover view.
    • edit apps rules adding/removing IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, hostnames, IPv4 CIDR subnets, ports, port ranges.
    • via connections: when possible, agent displays app responsible for an xpc helper connection.
    • apps can be sorted by status, type or signature.
    • apps can be filtered by name (in "big icons" view mode) or searched by name (in "list" view mode).
    • apps logs can be filtered by process name or address.
    • option to change apps labels colors.
    ZIP file md5 checksum : da6a4436f2ecdad763ced87472b0c955

    Vallum 1.0
    Release Date : 29 apr 2016

    ZIP file md5 checksum : e69875fa77a03f02728e0720a9272fe3

    First public Release

    Vallum V 1.0 Public Beta
    Release Date : 6 apr 2016

    ZIP file md5 checksum : a1d3fc4f6b843ff9ddf52b69dd5c1b66

    First public Beta