• Vallum Release Notes
  • Vallum Release Notes

    Vallum 4.0.3
    Release Date : 27 Jul 2021

    • Added option to require authentication in order to modify/disable the firewall.
    • Added option di disable flow's hostname strict validation.
    • Added Italian and Spanish localizations.
    • Bug fixes.
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 2d01b112cc23ef54b3e72258a15452aa
    SHA256 Hash: b193781a78280ae2079df794e3783ea699a01d2aace6d46de44759461a2820c5

    Vallum 4.0.2
    Release Date : 17 Jun 2021

    • Vallum Flows Monitor engine can be disabled to save CPU resources. On Intel-based Macs it's disabled by default.
    • Improved and secured inter-process communication between Vallum, Vallum Configurator and Vallum System Extension.
    • Removed "Network Status" tab, added Network Status bar to Vallum Configurator. This bar on the bottom of Vallum Configurator window displays current connection information such as connection type, status, WiFi SSID, active interfaces, gateways.
    • Improved energy management.
    • Added bandwidth throttling button. This opens Snail app. Snail is free for all Vallum registered users.
    • Bug fixes.
    ZIP file md5 checksum : db26e0bff214832be521f38665158bc4
    SHA256 Hash: 98e634fab5ad22f11cb920476528570123bae2342a1a55f826c4220445531684

    Vallum 4.0.1
    Release Date : 25 May 2021

    • Vallum Flows Monitor is back. Open it from Vallum menulet. Right-click on flows table to display contextual menu and drop/block connections.
    • Filter optimization
    • Bug fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : dfb17fb5de86c428b18f0236a75038ed
    SHA256 Hash: 3fa93c4f4d69853634e8f178a77696b2407b2e30bcebee3a7142b92fdd714d85e

    Vallum 4.0
    Release Date : 26 March 2021

    • First release
    ZIP file md5 checksum : decdc09d686812a3aa985f969d5aa746
    SHA256 Hash: 3ddd8b6635c002463b9db2fc9bccf4e3fd9cd35b166f4080475e7ae7725b0ada