Vallum 4

Development Beta Version

The new appfirewall for macOS 11 Big Sur

Vallum 4 offers a new way to protect your privacy and to increase your Mac’s security. Vallum 4 is based on the new macOS System Extensions API, it’s designed for Big Sur and runs natively on all Apple computers. Currently available as a beta preview, Vallum 4 is fast, light and easy to use.

See what’s new:

Inbound filtering and popup alerts for inbound connections

Match connections by hostname or domain

Fully customizable inbound and outbound rulesets

Optimize your rules using groups, apps groups or matching apps by signature type or by developer

Rules conditions based on current network settings like SSID and interface

Powerful rules editor

Improved popup notifications

No kernel extensions, everything runs in userland using app extensions


Vallum 4 beta

Vallum 4 requires macOS 10.15.6 Catalina or macOS 11 Big Sur.
Vallum 4 is signed and notarized using Apple Notary Service.


This is a beta release. Please report bugs to, thank you.