• It’s easy
Simple interface

Drag and drop apps or folders icons from the macOS Finder to Vallum in order to block them. Rules are immediately active, and are persistent across system restarts. Interaction with Vallum is now even easier with a simplified notification window and simplified configuration Assistant.

  • It’s powerful
Powerful rule editor

Create your own ruleset in a few minutes with the maximum flexibility and freedom. Each app and folder features its own set of firewall rules, including custom rules. The afw firewall core allows you define rules just like pf, using the same logic and a very similar syntax.

  • It’s powerful
Match by fingerprint

Unlike other Mac firewalls that are used to identify processes only by path, Vallum is able to identify processes also by signature fingerprint. This means that when you allow an app to connect, you are sure that only this app will be allowed. This feature increases both your privacy and security, if an app is corrupted or modified Vallum will display a warning. Additionally Vallum performs check on signature and certificates validity.

  • Monitor and throttle apps bandwidth
Monitor and throttle apps bandwidth

Monitor apps connections and bandwidth usage in real time using Vallum Apps Monitor. Apps list is constantly updated and displays currently active connections for each app. Traffic counters and bandwidth usage meters allows you to find out which app is eating your bandwidth. Then, using Vallum, you can set bandwidth limits for each process, independently.

  • It’s friendly
Assistant, Simulator, Templates

Run the Assistant to configure Vallum step by step. Restart it at any time to reconfigure your firewall from scratch. Configuration is done simply using buttons and controls, there’s no need to learn or type code or remember rule syntax. Rules are easy to identify and understand, and the Simulator allows you to test apps connections to verify your ruleset. Creating, editing, moving, copy/pasting objects is now much more easier with Vallum 3. And even configuring custom rulesets is now easier using app editor’s templates.


Vallum 3 adds groups management. Groups are addresses containers and are translated into runtime afw tables, which are very similar to pf tables. With Vallum 3 you can create rules targeting specific groups, including nations, allowing you to create geo-ip blocks at application layer. Geoip data is directly sourced from RIR databases.

  • Logs analysis
Logs analysis

The afw firewall core allows you to choose which connections you want to log. Vallum is able to search and display raw logs, perform multi-level recursive queries, pie-chart graphs, monthly/daily graphic reports comparing or aggregating different items. You will be able to search a 5 millions rows logs database and find what you are looking for in a few seconds. Its powerful logging system will drive you to the relevant part of the information you are looking for, and being based on SQLite your logs can be analysed using third party tools or scripts.

Users management

The administrator can assign specific rules to each user. This can be done very easily using Vallum User Management, where you can constrain (or give privileges) to your local users. There you can also schedule user rules, so for example you can block a user only on specific time/day. Non-admin users can be further constrained preventing them from being able to modify the firewall or even to see it. Interaction can be constrained too, and normal user can be forced to use simplified notifications and/or answer using fixed-time temporary rules.

  •  It’s based on a true firewall core
Based on afw

Vallum 3 is based on afw, a socket filter application firewall for macOS. We developed afw to be as much similar to pf as possible, including last-matching-rule policy, quick flag, runtime tables. Vallum installs also the afwctl shell front end that can be used by expert users to manage afw from the shell terminal. Vallum 3 documentation includes afw man pages. afw can also be installed as a standalone product and used without Vallum.
afw is Free. Click here to download afw installer.