• Application Firewall
Interactivity Levels

Vallum is designed for being easy and not intrusive in its default configuration. It requires no maintenance or interaction, and does not annoy you with popup alerts. It’s just a matter of dragging apps icons to create your configuration and then forget it. However its attitude can be altered simply playing with rules and the few options available to increase Vallum interactivity. For example you can tell Vallum to intercept apps connections and notify you with popup alerts where you can choose whether to pass or block these connections. Interactivity level can be reduced storing apps rules, silencing apps and using exclusions rules. For example you can tell Vallum to silently accept all connections from apps in /Applications and system directories and request user activity only for unknown apps connections.

  • Application Firewall
Application Firewall

Create an application firewall ruleset managing apps icons. Each app has its own set of rules and parameters. Rules are defined easily and quickly using only buttons and graphic objects, dragging files and folders from the Finder to Vallum window. Easily manage complex ruleset with jails, temporary rules, inclusive or exclusive approaches.

  • Apps Connections Logs
Apps Connections Logs

Keep track of all passed and blocked apps connections with Vallum firewall logs. Logs inspection lets you get all the needed information about a connection and interact with Murus to issue a network-level rule for the OS X built-in PF packet filter. Vallum displays recent apps logs in its main window, where you can easily sort or search them. Storing logs to file is also an option, and Vallum takes care of automatically rotate and archive log files.

  • Notification Alerts
Notification Alerts

Be notified in real time of unexpected or unwanted connections. These connections are held in a queue until a decision by you is made. Each app can be set to require this kind of authorization or not according to your needs. Notification alerts gives you a bunch of information about current connection’s and app’s parameters and let you choose between different blocking or passing policies.

  • Network Firewall
    Network Firewall
Network Firewall

Create network-level rules for the OS X built-in PF packet filter directly from Vallum notification alerts or from apps. This is possibile thanks to the interaction between Vallum and Murus. Custom PF rules created in Vallum are instantly activated in runtime and available for management inside Murus. You can do more: apps connections can be blacklisted at network level in one mouse click. Everything is easily done using only graphic elements, no need to learn any syntax or to manually type rules or addresses.

  • Network Firewall
Simplified Process Management

By default Vallum simplifies firewall management enabling automatic control over XPC services.
Common Apple apps like Safari, Mail, App Store, iTunes make use of external processes to make connections to the network. Vallum hides these slave processes presenting the user only the true responsible app for a connection, simplifying rules management and reducing firewall activity and interactivity.